Look Keo Dual Cleat

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Keo Dual Cleats may only be mounted on Ride’n Walk compatible shoes. They provide 4,5 ° of float and release more easily thanks to their 3D Cleat technology.


  • Usage : road / city
  • 3D : lateral and 45° release for more safety
  • Material : Polyamide
  • Weight : 24gr


Make walking easier

Dual Cleats are only compatible with shoes that feature the Ride ‘n Walk label (Look City / Look Touring). Developed in two parts, they conserve shoe flexion between the front and the rear portions of the cleat for more sole flexibilty while walking and thus a more natural foot roll.

Kéo Standard

Dual Cleats were developed based on the Kéo standard and are compatible with all LOOK pedals.


3D Cleat: Dual Cleats allow cleat release between 0 ° (a lateral and outwards/or inwards twist) and 45 °, in order to facilitate your foot release under all circumstances. This limits any apprehension and reduces the clipless pedal learning curve.