Crono Futura 2 Carbon Road Shoes

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The performance of this new model, which is realised by means of a very high light and perspiring microfibre, has been further improved by the use of technical devices such as the new ATOP A-A17 double fastening.

The insert of a simple micro-metric closing system that can be easily replaced, assures a whole fastening in every part of the foot. The high containing profile of the heel has been realised by means of an anti-barefoot lining along with the insertion of a non-slip material and a special support. The shoe tongue has been studied to give the best comfort and the chosen material fits the foot heat with its shape. Finally, little sweating holes let the foot have a correct perspiration.

Technical Specification

  • Sole: Road carbon
  • Weight: 235 gr
  • High ventilation system

    High aeration from the front to the back of the shoe

    High transpiration tongue

    Special aeration on the tongue to keep the feet fresh

    Shock absorption system

    Anatomic insole with shock absorbing insert

    Anatomic tendon protection

    Special memory foam into the tongue

    Micro adjustable system

    Micrometric closure ATOP system A-A17

    Super grip

    Special lining with an overlap injection of anti-slip material